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Important Areas

These areas are important for you as a new and current member of staff

Welcome to the University of Wolverhampton. We are delighted that you have chosen our University as a place to work, and we hope that you find the information on these pages useful during your first few weeks as you settle into your new job and surroundings.

Even if you aren’t new to the University but you have a new job role, you will still need to undergo a clear Induction process. Click here to find more information on this process and checklists to support both your current and new line manager with a smooth transition.

Visit the new starters pages for more information

Login to the eLearning Portal.

* Please note: If you are experiencing issues logging in from a University Laptop off-campus, please use either the Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox web browser.

Logging into the Portal

The eLearning portal uses Single Sign On (SSO); therefore when you click on Login, whilst logged on to a University computer you will be taken straight to the portal dashboard.

If you are logging in off-campus, or on a non-university machine you will be asked to enter your IT Account username and password.

If you are not Automatically logged in while on campus then please use the SSO button  please do not enter your email and password as this will not work

Completed courses

From the portal dashboard, click on the Completed Courses button to find your previously completed courses.

* Please note: You may have completed the course content, but not passed the exam. You can re enrol the module from course catalogue.

For more guidance please follow visit the Mandatory Training page

Organisational Development offers a wide variety of development opportunities across a range of categories and platforms face to face and digitally.

Please download our course catalogue to see more

To book on to a course or to view course availability, please login to Agresso Self-Service 

Unsure how to book a course via Agresso? download 通过Agresso注册一门课程 (Word doc 967k) to learn how.

If you are new to the university and have never come across some of the systems or processes then this section will help you navigate around some of the common things you may come across or if you are a member of staff that has been here for a while and hasn’t come across any of these areas before these handy walkthrough can help you understand how to navigate through the below mentioned areas. To access the walkthrough please visit the how do i  section

The CARE Framework describes the behaviours which align with the values which the University holds dear.  These behaviours not only support our values but also result in successful performance for staff.

Find out more about the CARE Framework

Download a printable version of the CARE Framework PDFThis will take you to a printable version of the what is the CARE Framework

External Courses & Events

Here you will find all events & courses that are run or held external to Organisational Development 

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